About Us…

My name is Ian. I am a bio-dynamic organic sustainable farmer with 31 years hands-on experience.

I am responsible for our small family operated farm. We grow sustainable organic and biodynamic products, avocados, mangos, lychees, and an assortment of sprouts including alfalfa and brocolli. I am a fourth generation farmer on the same property. I wish to teach the younger generations the art of producing nutrious food. We also facilitate educational farm tours, for selected interested people with the same values.

We started making sprouts many years ago originally for feed for our calves. After seeing how well they grew and over the years I have had people telling me how marvellous Wheatgrass Juice is for humans to consume. So we grew some for our own consumption and shared it with some friends. After seeing an improvement in their wellbeing, they all commented on the sweetness of the juice (the scientists tell me that how you know if the enzymes are alive – from the sweetness in the taste).

Over time people get tired of growing Wheatgrass, cutting the grass then juicing the grass, thencleaning up after juicing, a real daily chore. So we spent considerable time to work out how to grow, juice, and package Wheatgrass Juice that has a shelf life and holds its nutritional values. In doing so we’ve made it easier for people to consume Wheat Grass juice and get the same
health benefits to as many people as possible.


Mobile – 0429 474 480